Zhang Qiming. President
Revitalize the quality education road, Innovate the business of education.
Zong Zaiyu School counselor
Teaching philosophy: education is a career worthy of lifelong dedication.
Zhou shuxia. Vice President
In their position, do what they do, do what they do in schools, do their best and do their best.
zhang feifei. Assistant to President
Life credo: work hard, be positive, and be optimistic.
Wang kaile. Assistant to President
I am a man of credit, and I will do my best to promise others.
Tao guilian guidance director
Motto: education is rooted in love!
Li nan Director.
Education concept: every student is a plastic talent.
Chen. Bingfeng Teacher
The accumulation of the regiment is for tomorrow's release, so that students can fly higher and farther.
Wu xiaoqian. Counselor
If anything happens, it is possible to set a personal ambition and choose a major.
Zhou weizhen. Teacher
Adage: there is no education without love.
Li jing Teacher
Full of love, let the students bathing in the sun. Treat work, be persistent and enterprising.
Sun wenyan cashier accounting
Motto: greet difficulties with optimism, for you are the only ones who can defeat you.
Chen meixian. Teacher
Opportunities for students, brilliant for students, applause to students, love to students.
Wang junying Teacher
Motto :Where there is a will,there is a way!
Chen limin. Teacher
Sincerely treat students, do everything well, give warmth to children, open windows of love with love!
Chen jin Teacher
Work conviction: stand on the platform of three feet and shape the life without regret.
Lou Jie Teacher
treat students whole-heartedly, treat the work conscientiously, treat parents with a clear conscience.
Wang Jin Teacher
My teaching idea: let students and teachers happily study together!
Miss Wang yuanfang Teacher
treat students like they want to treat their children, and we are responsible for everything we do.
Zhu keye Teacher
Saint-exupery once said that the desert is beautiful because it hides a well somewhere.
Zhang yudan. Teacher
Motto: bring love to every student!
Li Xi Teacher
education needs love, needs dedication, needs persistent spirit, I will struggle for a lifetime!
Miss Xu aiqin Teacher
Teaching philosophy: the essence of education is not transmission, but awakening and stimulation.
Dai shi Teacher
The creed of life: to teach, treat each other equally, and strive to be the friend of every student

School in 2008 was rated as advanced private schools, the school was established in 2009 the party branch, the first the migrant population in Jiangsu province in 2010, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization in China to carry out the "prevention of children's accident harm" project pilot work, in the activities, in Yixing, the school won the best organization award. In 2011, the education bureau of Yixing city and the health bureau jointly organized the "fall injury prevention" essay contest. The students of our school won two first prizes and five second prizes. In 2012, the literary association of Jiangsu province carried out the "great man Qu qiubai" reading activity and won the excellent organization award.From 2014 to 2016, our school won the excellent organization award of CCTV English talent contest for three consecutive years.